Application System Software For Windows Ram 64 Bit Cpu

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These computers should consist of a 32GB RAM 64-bit CPU also a Hard Drive capacity of 250GB.
For the Backup Storage an External Hard Drive with capacity of 160GB along with Flash drive of 4GB is recommended for each Computer.

They are three (3) types of Software:
 System Software
Application Software
 Utility Software
The type of System Software Application that would be most suitable for this type of upgrade is Windows 8, being that it’s one of the most current and upgraded, and most of all user friendly.
As for the Application System Software; Database, Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, is the recommended Application System Software. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the recommended Web Browser. Other recommended Application Systems are Graphics and Desk Top Publishing is highly recommended.
Where the Utility System Software is concerned, which is used to maintain, manage and control the computer resources, Disk Defragmenter, A Virus Scanning Software such as “Avast!”, and a Back-up Software are needed.

To enable the Computer Systems to Input data, peripheral devices such as Keyboards, Mouse or Track pad and Scanners are necessary.
For the Output of data, Monitors, Laser Printers, and a Facsimile (fax machine) is recommended for all location, hence, for the central location- the head office a Multifunctional device recommended.

Human Resource Department The Human Resource Department, the
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