Application Testing And Deployment For Production

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Iteration 4 – Application Testing and Deployment to Production Plan In this cycle, the main aim is to test the application by applying different testing procedures in all possible ways. Preparation of test cases document which includes all the requirements mentioned in the release requirement document prepared by Business Analyst (BA). Executing of test cases checklist, which includes the main functionality of the application. The Quality Analyst (QA) group gets ready to test relying upon the necessity archive composed by the Business Analyst (BA). The application will be tried against these experiments and the issues distinguished will be accounted for to the advancement group. Bug Tracker is a site where the QA can enter any issue recognized while testing. Bug tracker likewise recognizes issues related matters with an illustration. All the issues will be signed into the Bug tracker, and the status of the issues recognized will be moved to defect status. Development team starts fixing the issues which were posted in the bug tracker by QA team. After fixing all the defect issues, the status of the bug would be changed to 'fixed ' state. A new build release will be uploaded to QA server for further of testing. QA team tests the application again, if they come across with any bug, then that would be posted to bug tracker and development team would fix it and new build release will be provided. The application tested and iterated until and unless the application is
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