Application Theory

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Application of Theory
Cindy Perdue-Tufts
Chamberlain College
Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing
Dr. Mikel Hand
December 8, 2013

Application of Theory
Today, the use of modern nursing theory continues to advance and distinguish nursing practices from other care professions. Each theory has its own unique and qualifying characteristics. The objective of this paper serves two purposes. The first is to analyze one middle-range nursing theory, (transition theory), demonstrating how its attributes, specifically effective discharge processes are serving to generate beneficial outcomes for both congestive heart failure (CHF) patients at or above the age of 65 and the healthcare system
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CHF is the most common diagnosis among patients 65 and older with one third of these patients being readmitted within thirty to ninety days. (Quaglietti, Atwood, Ackerman, & Froelicher, 2006). The cost of these readmissions are staggering with nearly a third of the two trillion dollars allocated to health care being spent on readmissions (IHI, 2009). Other than poor patient outcomes the second most staggering observation is that the majority of the majority of readmission rates associated with CHF patients are avoidable. (Griffin & Hwu, 2009). Over twenty-six percent of CHF patients return and are admitted to hospitals within just thirty days. From this patient group over sixteen percent are CHF patients 65 and older and out of this group over twenty-eight return and admitted to the hospitals within three to six months.
This data yields conclusive evidence that current nursing practices are failing to generate worthy patient outcomes while failing to control health care costs. The United States health care system needs to take control and implement effective viable solutions. Implementing processes that avoid preventable readmissions signifies the appropriate course the health care system needs to take, thus ensuring appropriate outcomes are being attained, for patients, families, payers, health care purchasers, providers, etc. Proper care needs to be taken so that as new processes take hold
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