Application of Genetic Algorithm in the Process of Sound Evolution

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In the context of sound evolution, genetic algorithm has been used to evolve musical notes where the process of fitness function is employed to measure the fitness of candidate solution that takes into consideration the numbers of criteria need to be exists in candidate solution to make individuals rhythmic in nature. The role of genetic algorithm in the process of sound evolution is considered to be vital as far as evolutionary computation is concerned which best suits the application domain in this project. To produce rhythmic sound, numbers of criteria are considered into the fitness function since it does shape the population significantly followed by the rating of individuals based on existence of those criteria into population expected from fitness function. The overall idea of this project and hence the genetic algorithm in sound evolution is to converge the population towards rhythmic sound since the criteria are expected from fitness function that leads the function of selection towards the consideration of those individuals who are most fit followed by the rejection of least ones.
Evolving behaviour of…
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