Application of Knowledge in the Field of Human Resource Management

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Application of Knowledge in HRM Field: The basic function of the field of Human Resource Management is to enhance the effectiveness and contribution of workers in the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. In every organization, there are various important departments with the most crucial one being the human resource department that deals with the organization's employees in relation to their skills, talents, knowledge, aptitude, and creative abilities. Generally, human resources also include other important aspects like the beliefs, attitudes, approaches, and values of the employees that are brought to the firm. Since it focuses on employees within an organization, human resource department is an integral part of the firm's management. The management process basically involves various aspects like the implementation and analysis of processes, development, and policies and programs linked with humans. Notably, the management is geared towards optimizing the contributions of employees to the organization's objectives and goals ("Human Resource Management", n.d.).
Aspects of Human Resource Management: As previously mentioned, human resource management consists of several aspects that are crucial in its achievement of the basic function of this department. These various aspects work together to improve the contributions of employees and their effectiveness in the achievement of organizational goals. Some of these major aspects of human resource management
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