Application of Project Management Tools on the City School's Erp Project

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Executive Summary
Chapter 01: Introduction 5 1.1 Introduction to the Company 5 1.2 Mission Statement 6 1.3 Organization Chart 6 1.4 Role of Regional Office 7 1.5 Hierarchy of the System 9 1.6 Hierarchy at the Regional Office 9 1.7 Introduction to the Project 9 1.8 Current Financial Status of the Project 10 1.9 Activities 10 1.10 Current Activities 11 1.11 Vendor 11 1.12 Authorization/Personnel Involved 12 1.13 Duration of Tasks 12 1.14 Future Tasks 13 1.15 Challenges 13 1.16 Project Research Methodology 13
Chapter 02: Literature Review 14 2.1 Project 14 2.2 Project Management 14 2.3 Importance of Project Management 15 2.4 Project Management
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1.2 Mission Statement
Our Philosophy: Continuous Human Resource Development
Our Goal: Academic Excellence
Out Commitment: Total Satisfaction
Our Culture: Professionalism

1.3 Organization Chart
The City School has been running for well over 30 years and ever since then, it has been adapting to the ever changing environment and striving for perfection. There are a great number of people working in the system, from the Managing Director to the Teachers.
We see that at the top most level is the Managing Director, who is the owner of the school and makes all the decisions relating to the schools and how things should be managed. Then we have the Assistant Managing Director, followed by the Executive Director who relays all information to the Regional Directors in the four regions. They in turn, will forward the relevant information to the specific coordinator i.e. if there is some change in policy regarding Information Technology, and then the I.T Coordinator will be informed of the change.
And then the coordinator will get in touch with the principal of the campus, who in turn relays the information to the Head’s and Senior Mistress (es). Depending on the information, the parents, teachers and/or domestic staff is informed.

1.4 Role of Regional Office
The upper-management has been focused on shifting
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