Application of Public Law

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Application of public health law The study of public health law (1) that emphasizes on the legal issues in the practice of public health and the effects of legal practice on public health has basically three major areas of practice: police power, the population law, and injury and disease prevention. The area of police power is engaged by agencies of the government. This area centers its attention on the growing field of bioterrorism and moreover, this has made the public health lawyers work towards the conception of the Model State Public Health Act and the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. The area of the population law has its theoretical foundation on the legal analysis based on population. Being a new entrant in the subject of…show more content…
Again the term addiction has highly been debated upon and it has been concluded that the use of alcohol to that degree where it becomes a nuisance, is addiction. The laws, rules and other methods through which the government tries to affect the individual health related behavior, is called the public health policy. Science provides help to public health policy in three ways namely, it shows the actual extent of the problem, it gives chance for evaluating options of policy making and it examines the effectiveness of those policies that already exist. Alcoholism leads to a variety of diseases. In the long run it may result in death, heart problems, swelling of liver and pancreas, depression, anxiety, suicide, increased occurrence of cancer, nutritional deficiency and sexual dysfunction. These were the physical part. But there also exists certain social problems created due to alcoholism. This includes unemployment, marital conflict which sometimes goes to the extent of divorce, financial problems, being convicted of committing the crime of drunken driving or some other public disorder, loss of accommodation and not being respected by others , to name a few. The alcoholics not only make their own lives hell but also affect the family members near them. Their children are also affected greatly and they are mentally disturbed which makes them sick many a times. The parliaments and governments have formed various policies for the decrease the bad
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