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Applications of the Scientific Method: Everyday Life Selina Mathieu Strayer University Professor Olivia Uitto SCI 110 August 9, 2015 The scientific method is a process for experimentation used to explore observations and answer questions. It is used unconsciously by many on a daily basis and understanding how to apply the method can be valuable in making decisions and solving problems. For this assignment, I have chosen to use the scientific method to demonstrate how to organize my cluttered apartment to fit two storage units thus eliminating two bills and lowering my debt. First I will ask a question or make an observation such as how will I fit two storage units into my small apartment…show more content…
I would then test my hypothesis again and realize I can accept it. Finally, a conclusion must be reached to wrap up the scientific method. By following the steps, I find that I would be able to fill my apartment much better, save or make money, and make numerous donations. I also found that these moves could be done much faster if I had help, so informing friends and family of my decision would also work. For an even smoother outcome, I would have to be sure that all the materials I would need were readily available. I would need paper and pens, a camera, and measuring tape for the initial part of my experiment. I would have to make a list of places to donate to and make sure they are able to give me receipts for tax purposes. There are also those in need that could use some of the extra items I have to make it through the upcoming winter. Making a schedule of my availability helps ensure I have enough time to focus on this project without running into other schedules. Adding a deadline and some goals can help motivate one to stay on task so as not to push the project to the side and increase debt. The scientific method can easily be used in everyday life and in some instances is required in order to get thru the day successfully. I would guess that we are taught throughout our lives to perfect such methods and we became so used to the perfection that we can now apply the method without laying out the steps but it helps to write them down to
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