Applications Of Wireless Sensor Networks

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3.4 Application of WSN
Current the new arrival of generation of wires sensor network has been provided for several applications because of modern period which brought the integration of the smallest physical sensors, embedded of small controllers called microcontrollers and radio interfaces on one and only single chip fabrication. All of these functions brought a wide range of application for sensor networks. The integration into wearable wires body area network has been incorporated with a big number of physiological sensors. In addition the idea of micro-sensing and wires and wires linked to the network nodes promises several new application areas like, health ,home, environment ,sport house and others. We briefly illustrate these applications and for more details, the reader should refer to [29].
3.4.1 Military Applications

Wireless sensor networks can play a key role in military command.This can be in form of control, easier communication, better surveillance etc. The ability of sensor network to rapidly deploy, privately organize and fault tolerance characteristic make them an admirable technique for sensing in application for military. Sensor networks can be applied in several aspects in the military including: observing friendly forces, equipment and ammunition; surveillance of the battlefield; organization of opposing forces and the terrain; also targeting; assessment of battle damage; and nuclear, and detection of biological and chemical attack
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