Applications: Utility Concerns in Choosing an Assessment Method

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Applications: Utility Concerns in Choosing an Assessment Method

Randy May works for a small airline based on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. He recently won two million in the New England Lottery and decided to invest his winnings, ultimately, in a chain of ice cream shops in the Cape Cod area to gain potential future earnings. Figuring he had enough money to open up ice cream shops in both islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as two shops in Falmouth and Buzzards Bay, he signed a contract with a local builder and began construction of the shops. After beginning the process of construction, he was faced with the next task of hiring employees to staff the four ice cream shops. Throughout his calculations, he estimated
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In this particular case, Randy will need to assign the correct numbers to the correct category. For the purposes of this case study, assume T will equal 1 to make the equation represent one year of employment in one of the ice cream shops. For following variables, Nn will equal 50 as there will be 50 applicants total selected to be hired, rxy will represent .30 in one equation representing the interview and job performance and in the other equation, it will represent .50 which will represent the work sample predictor and job performance, SDy will be chosen to represent .20, Ẑs will be .80 because it will be the predictor score of the selected applicants, Na will represent 100, as that is the total number of applicants that submitted applications, and Cy will represent the cost per applicant in the interview and job performance in one equation as 100 and it will represent 150 in the other equation for work sample and job
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