Applications of 3g Technology in the Education Sector: Perspective Bangladesh

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Study on “Applications of 3G technology in the Education sector: Perspective Bangladesh”

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Applications of 3G technology in the Education sector: Perspective Bangladesh ABSTRACT: Bangladesh recently touched a new milestone in Information and Communication Technology with the inauguration of commercial testing of Third Generation (3G) services through the state-run mobile service provider Teletalk. Teletalk will distribute 400,000 (4lacs) 3G-enabled SIMs’ for the capital Dhaka primarily. 3G is supposed to open new windows for mobile
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And the total number of internet subscribers has reached 29415.693 thousand at the end of July 2012 ( Now-a-days students all over the world are “digital natives”. They are growing up in a decidedly digital world. Digital learning educates students using the same technology they use for communication and entertainment outside of school. Also the teachers are very much engage with technology. They provide their class materials through internet. Many studies (Attewell, 2005; Murat et al, 2008) have already shown that mobile technologies have considerable potential to enhance teaching and learning across all education sectors. Their impact on student behavior, enthusiasm, motivation and progress is well documented, especially in some conventional schools in the UK (Cook et al. 2007). The National Training and Simulation Association and the U.S. Department of Education studied that, technology based instruction can reduce the time and students take to reach a learning objective by 30 to 80 percent. According to a meta- analysis and review of online

learning studies by the U.S. Department of Education, on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. (Means et al., 2009) The new technology 3G can bring a profound impact on economic landscape of Bangladesh. It can create scopes for e-learning

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