Applications of Noise and Vibration Studies

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In the domain of railway, Automobile and Aircraft industry, both exterior noise (into the environment) and interior noise play an important role and are strictly regulated by norms imposed by various government authorities. In the railway industry, in addition environmental noise, big attention is being paid on studies on transmission and effect of ground vibrations in many countries. Aircraft industry, on the other hand has its focus of study on airframe noise which is transmitted to the environment surrounding the airports and are under strict regulation by regulatory bodies in all countries. For ships, interior noise and noise transmitted underwater has been the topic for research over past 40 decades. A brief review of applications of noise and vibrations studies is presented in subsequent paragraphs. In the railway industry, the studies are mainly focussed on the mechanism of generation and transmission and control measures in respect of rolling noise at the wheel-rail contact and the aerodynamic noise. The dominant noise from mainline railways is usually the rolling noise generated by the wheel and rail which is caused by vibrations of the wheel and track structures, induced at the wheel rail contact point by vertical irregularities in the…
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