Applied Behavior Analysis ( Aba )

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This paper focuses on applied behavior analysis (ABA). The concept of ABA in definition is the use of knowledge gained within science of behavior to improve behaviors that are socially crucial. The researchers of this paper focus not the importance of having parents use ABA training when working with their children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There has been a large amount of research done on ABA techniques and it is something that has been used in many different fields of practice. Areas such as social work, education, medicine, etc have benefited from the ABA approach. Now it is important to distinguish what the views of parents using ABA are. Although there is no specific or determined reasoning to why individuals become…show more content…
This is why it is important that parents become trained in ABA. However, it is important that parents do not think that one approach will solve any child 's autism difficulties. The idea of using a “cookbook recipe” to fix their child is something that must be thrown out the window and techniques that encourage parents to become educated about the broadness of autism should be used. This includes learning how their child functions and ways to help design a ABA for their child rather than basing it off of statistics (Dillenburger et al.,2004). Autism is an independent variable when looking at this study, regardless of whatever we do the child will always have ASD. As for a dependent variable there are many contributing factors that may effect the child with ASD. These are things like having goals, such as quality of life, skills development, interaction, independence and skills maintenance. These are things that can be regulated with a good ABA and empowerment of parents. The current study consisted of 22 families in home-based ABA programs in Northern Ireland. The groups were separated depending on the length of time they had been trained in ABA . The long-term group were involved in the ABA program for an average of 35.5 months while the short-term group were involved for an average of 6.1 months. The age of the individuals were substantially average. The average age
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