Applied Behavioral Analysis

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Applied Behavioral Analysis
Applied Behavioral Analysis
Behavior Analysis emphasizes on the values and principles that explain the process of learning through the development of human beings. Behavior analysis represents scientific approach that understands behavior within the context of occurrence. One of the principles of how learning occurs is positive reinforcement. In the process of implementing reward after behavior, there is a possibility of repetition of the action in the future. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) refers to the application of these principles to achieve meaningful and positive change in relation to behavior(Johnny et al, 2011).
To enhance understanding of applied behavioral analysis in relation to treatment of individuals with autism
To illustrate why applied behavioral analysis is an effective treatment approach to individuals with autism
To outline and explain importance of applied behavioral analysis to individuals suffering from autism
Thesis Statement: Applied Behavioral Analysis is an effective treatment approach to individuals with autism: ABA is safe, enjoys endorsement from numerous agencies, and offers development or improvement in communication, social relationships, employment, schools, and self-care.
Main Points of Discussion
Applied Behavioral Analysis is safe and effective
Applied Behavioral Analysis enhances growth and development in communications and social relationships
How Applied Behavioral
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