Applied Behavioral Analysis Essay

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Every single day is a struggle for an autistic child and his or her family. Autism affects all aspects of a child’s life from their ability to show affection to their family to being able to do simple tasks such as communicating and thinking in ways that we take for granted. Autism is defined as a developmental disability in which children experience abnormalities in social functioning, language, often act in puzzling ways, and usually appears before the age of three (Mash &Wolfe, 2010). Although the exact causes of autism are unknown there does seem to be a strong genetic component. Having a child or family member with autism is a constant battle of emotion and frustration. Everyone wants to help the people they love when they have …show more content…
Since Skinner’s time there has been much research done and many new techniques made in ABA especially in regards of teaching people how to increase behaviors associated with learning and decreasing those that may inhibit learning. These new techniques have been used to help successfully treat or improve the lives of several people with various degrees and types of disabilities and learning disorders. These techniques have been adapted from being used exclusively on adults and modified for children. These techniques can be formally initiated, meaning that they are done in a classroom or a behavioral analysts’ office, or they can be taught to parents or caretakers and are often used to develop skills such as learning theory of mind, eye contact, social skills, and other necessary skills (Renna, 2004).
Children with autism have difficulties understanding social models and so many of them have difficulties acquiring social skills while children with health development normally gain social and appropriate behavior by observing a model (Mash &Wolfe, 2010). If a child with autism is able to acquire social and adaptive skills they still need to learn how to generalize correct behaviors to different situations and tend to need consistent practice in maintaining those skills. To an autistic child generalization can be extremely difficult to break down and understand. Because of this ABA is
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