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Applied Business Research Methods (ULMS515)

Research Proposal

PROPOSAL TITLE: Supermarket discounts: do they offer genuine benefits or are they “buying traps”


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MSc Major: Consumer Marketing 1. Project Title
Supermarket discounts: do they offer genuine benefits or are they “buying traps” 1.1. Introduction
Generally speaking, people believe a discount in the supermarket is something that will help to save their money and which is a profits sharing activity of supermarket company. However, less people ever think about the real value for them when a discount product purchased. Therefore, Tesco, a well-known neighbour will
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1.3.4. Are customers influenced by sales promotion activity, and if so ,will they change their initial options?
1.3.5. What do customers feel when they choose items for discount but not their original choices, satisfied or not satisfied?
In addition, the research will seek to identify that consumers made purchase decision due to the psychological change or based on their sane thinking and to provide rational suggestions to consumers when they are choosing items for sales, and to provide a means to identify the real value of many kinds of discount. 2. Literature 2.1 Review of the relevant literature
There is a large amount of literature about the pricing strategy or consumers’ behaviour for different sales promotion but there is surprisingly little research about the contributing factors that prompt customers’ buying behaviour. However by analysing consumers’ reaction to sales promotions, we can determine whether customers make their purchasing decisions based on internal or external factors. The internal factors would be customers’ initial needs, while external factors would include the influence of promotion advertising.
The retail industry increasingly used sales promotions (Felgate et al. 2012). Previous research (e.g.Webster 1971; Kotler 1988; Blattberg & Neslin 1990) sees sales promotion as a method that directly or indirectly influences customers’ purchasing
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