Applied Field Project Analysis

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The completion of the Applied Fields group project was a complete success. Coordination throughout the weeks before the due date was top-notch, compared to any group project that has come my way. Each student was engaged with their section each individual was to complete and spoke to each other with a great level of respect. In the chosen field of business, I learned that starting a business should not be about making millions of dollars, but should be pursued with the mindset of doing it for others. The surprising part is that a thriving business like Happy Tails started from the garage of an animal enthusiast. Writing about this subject brought chills to my back, because being passionate about anything can bring much joy and success to anyone will to work hard. Collaborative writing is such an eye-opener, so much knowledge…show more content…
At the beginning, I took it upon myself to configure the essay, turn in the project on time, and share a Google Doc file with each partner. By creating the presentation on Google, this allowed every group member access the presentation and work on their slides whenever they needed to do so. Choosing the categories came easy, respectfully we gave each other the chance to voice our opinions on why we should have that specific topic. Lance was a huge help getting everything rolling, he offered to drive to Happy Trails to interview Josh Devault and not mention set up the meeting. Ryan kept me updated with his work and asked many questions that added to my confidence that he will get the job done correctly. Eddie hammered down on his section as well as kept everyone up-to-date with his progress through the journal feature on Blackboard. Char Dai’ got her section done before everyone else did and that was astonishing. She influenced the whole group to get their work done quick and efficiently. Every member worked hard and finished on time, I’m quite happy with our group’s
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