Essay on Applied Managerial Dision Making

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Applied Managerial Decision Making MGMT600-1301B-03 Phase 3 individual project Rocklyn Kee Colorado Technical University Online Professor Donald Pratl March 11, 2013 There are 500 employees in the sales force of Company W that are spread out over Southeast, Northeast, West, and Central regions. The company has recently incorporated a new software program in and attempt to monitor how many sales are generated by each employee. It is expected that each month each region should sell the same aamount of products. It has been noted that over the last three months however that this expectation has only been reached by half of the employees in each region. Before a decision can be made on possible theories as to why this is, some…show more content…
There will be no formulated statements from non-parametric analysis in regard to the information that is presented by the researcher. The ANOVA, (analysis of variation) is a commomlly used method of non-parametric. The researcher does an analysis with the ANOVA to see if there is a differentation among groups, and if the mean of them are the same. With a null hypothesis the ANOVA will determine if the information that has been presented has the same means, while with the alternative hypothesis it will determine if the information has defferent means. CTU Online, (2013) There is a one way method and a two way method for an ANOVA analysis that can be used by the researcher. There is only one factor for the researcher to test for equality of the presented information in the one way method, and the two way mwthod allows for distinguishing if there may be another factor. * Chi-Square Distribution Use Two types of information can typically be generarted when variables have no pattern, categorical or numerical. Researchers’ employ using the chi-square distribution in order to unmask the distinctions and to see if they are independent. Categorical variables are specific variables with no fixed numerical value, and numerical type variables are numerical. In this

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