Applied Marxism Essay

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Liberalism is a theory that claims to have certain benefits that it does not provide. Karl Marx believes that the founders have liberalism did not understand that human nature and predicted the actions of society incorrectly. Marx uses history to explain what needs to happen in the future, his interpretation of human nature is more accurate. Marx decides to write the Communist Manifesto to apply Marxism for Communism is only applied Marxism. The Manifesto gives a summary of Communism so that it can be better understood and can be applied. Marx explains the history of classes and often states that the Liberalist view is incorrect in their studies, Marx’s theories are more accurate and provide better understanding of the current situation.…show more content…
Poets, writers and political scientists studied the Industrial Revolution and found that many aspects were not what was predicted. Many believed the free market gave opportunity to everyone, even the poor, but really it only made the rich richer and the poor poorer. The middle class began to become more wealthy and the gap between the rich and poor increased greatly. The free market creates a mindset that everyone is for themselves and you need to fight for yourself only. This gives an advantage to those who have more to begin with and doesn’t allow the less fortunate to become rich or successful. As this continues to happen, the lower class or the Proletariat class will grow larger. In the Communist Manifesto Marx uses the second chapter to relate Communists and Proletariats. Marx states that there are three goals of Communists. The first is to form the Proletariats into a class. The second is to overthrow the Bourgeois supremacy and the third is to gain all political power. Through these three steps a Communist state would be instituted and the nation could begin the other steps of establishing a just society. The most radical part about transferring to a Communist state is overthrowing the Bourgeois supremacy because this can create chaos and fear. Marx feels it is the most necessary part and nothing can happen without it happening. After the revolution several steps are taken to insure the Communist state. The first begins with the
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