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Assessment of the Role of Idea Samsung |

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION: 1 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS: 1 RESEARCH PROBLEM: 2 Aims of the Research: 2 Objectives of the Research: 2 LITERATURE REVIEW: 2 METHODOLOGY: 4 Research Approach: 4 Primary and Secondary Research: 4 Qualitative and Quantitative Research: 4 Research Strategy: 4 Data Collection: 5 Population & Sample: 5 Data Analysis: 5 Time Horizon: 6 Limitations: 6 Ethical Issues: 7 REFERENCES 7

In organizations, management plays a key role in organizing man, labour, money, machineries into useful resources. Without an excellent management team it is impossible to achieve the desired goals of the organization. Organizations with
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Being part of the most competitive environment it is important to develop and train the workforce every now and then. The way human resource handle the ideas is crucial as in technology a minor wrong decision can turn things upside down. Since Human capital plays an important role in gaining competitive advantage, their way of interpreting ideas must be analysed and enhanced to compete the new entrants in industry.
“Ideas contribute to the achievement of high performance, excellence, and competitive advantage in management and organisation” (Rothberg, 2004). In addition to the importance of ideas, management must make sure that ideas are communicated properly to the human capital. According to Czarniawska and Sevon, (1996, p. 27), there is a difference between what is created and what is learnt so it accentuates that translation of ideas can hold intellectual growth as well as creative skills. Aims of the Research:
This study aim at finding out the role of ideas in the managers workplace and how communicating ideas among human capital can bring competitive advantage to Samsung and help the organization to beat Chinese firms.
Objectives of the Research: * To critically assess the role of ideas among the management of the Samsung. * To evaluate the role communicating ideas among the human capital to analyze how it bering
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