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Applied Research Experimental and descriptive research designs, statistics, and inferences in psychological settings and methods differ in many ways yet have similar qualities. All psychological research follows ethical codes and regulations. Each type of experiment discussed contains similarities and differences. The importance of each research method for individuals and societies varies according to the need addressed in creating the project. Beneficial interventions and treatments are developed from the cause and effect of many research projects. Validity concerns become a vital part of each research project. The use of descriptive and inferential statistics for maintaining accuracy controls usually involves the use of an analysis…show more content…
(2009). Inferential statistics try to find a significant effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable by standard percent margins set for approval in accuracy. Descriptive statistics strive to describe large sample populations as to the proportion of a given variable existing in that sample. Inferential statistics are more generalized in describing the variable as to the population being represented by the sample. Both descriptive and inferential statistics are used side by side in analyzing research data. Descriptive data gives a nice picture image of the information on hand and inferential data gives a more significant indication of how much effect the independent variable had on the dependent variable. Descriptive and inferential statistics are used to confirm the information or data from a research study correct. Any error of variances or systematic variances in the data indicating error warrants confirmation by inferential statistics methods. The benefit for any interventions or treatments relying on inferential statistics for accuracy remains great. The effect of an independent variable on the dependent variable makes all the difference in the validity of a research study. Single-Case and Small-N Designs Single-case and small-N research designs both study individuals not groups. The small-n design tries to find cause and effect on individuals by assessing the reactions when applying single treatments and
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