Applied Research Technologies Essay

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Running head: APPLIED RESEARCH “Applied Research Technologies, Inc.” Phyllis A. Clayton Professor: Dr. Hakim B. Allah Project Management Leadership BUS 518 July 21, 2012 “Applied Research Technologies, Inc.” 1. Determine the leadership style that Peter Vyas exhibited as he considered the group’s proposal and provide examples of his behavior. Of the four leadership styles, participative, consultative, delegative, and directive, discussed in Lewis’ book Project Leadership, Peter Vyas exhibited a participative leadership style. The manner and approach Peter Vyas used when providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating his team exhibited traits of a participative leader. This particular style of leadership…show more content…
Based on Hersey and Blanchard leadership styles in Figure 6.2 on page 82 of Lewis’ Project Leadership book, Cynthia Jackson was definitely exhibiting a Quadrant 4 Delegative leadership style. Her style was low directive and low supportive (LD, LS). Ms. Jackson did not get granular with how to turn the Filtration Unit that was losing 6 million dollars per year into a profit realizing unit. Ms. Jackson simply explained to Vyas what had to be done for the continued existence of the Filtration Unit. Although Ms. Jackson did not get directly involved in the when, what, and how of the project, RIMOS, she readily gave feedback to the team as they presented each of the three phases, General Product Concept and Market Analysis, Technical specifications and Prototype, and the Business Plan, documentation to her for review and approval. She advised the team of what elements of support were weak and what was needed to support their recommendations (Custom Book, 2011). After all three phases has been approved, the next step is deciding at Vyas’ level and Ms. Jackson’s level to go forward with funding this project. Ms. Jackson would have to make the ultimate supporting decision as to whether the Filtration Unit is really a “drain on division resources and that it was time to pull the plug on any additional funding” or to approve and “Go” (Custom Book, 2011). 3. Typify your leadership style and
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