Applied Research Technologies Essay

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Bus 491Z2
Week #2
Applied Research Technologies
Stephanie Porter

How has ART been able to foster innovation and an entrepreneurial environment in the context of a large corporate entity? To be able to foster an entrepreneurial environment in the context of a larger corporate, there should be three components that the leaders should address. For one of the components is culture. Culture awareness is huge to the economy. They should accept that failure is part of the process and the willingness to encourage and support entrepreneurs when their first idea doesn’t work well. Another component is infrastructure. This means moving beyond the notion to include the traditional and nontraditional leadership, social
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They worked with the technologists and developed a small scale oxidation system that enabled waste water disinfection. They received a lot of support on this project and the technologists developed a design. This design was not big nor did it need an electrical source, it could transfer waste within a couple minutes. So Vyas, being a front line person, wanted to learn more. He learned that only 2.5% of the world water is fresh, with that being said, most of it is frozen. They also learned that water born diseases were making up the 80% of infections in the world and also cause death. Vyas decided that it was a good idea to pursue the project and convinced the VP to allow the three technologists working on it to become members of his technical team. He also asked Wagner to do a market assessment to show potential opportunities for this technology. Cynthia Jackson thought Vyas was a great manager. He recruited and retained good people in his unity and built them into teams that had motivation. He had shown himself to be a good advocate for his group’s ideas. She had made it clear to Vyas that they were in jeopardy if things were not turned around. The third attempt had six people on the team in the United States and India.
He is effective because he lead his team. He didn’t give up
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