Applied Research Technology - Case Analysis

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The manager of the Filtration Unit, Peter Vyas, asks for $ 2 million to launch RIMOS, that from my point of view is the right thing to do. He should handle the expenditure request by stressing all the improvements that his team has been able to bring to the mini-oxidation system (in terms of design, functioning, sustainability and efficiency). Moreover he should underline the increased probability of success given by the first-mover advantage that is obtainable in the new specified market (U.S. regions with governmental restrictions for irrigation). Vyas knows that he’s facing a critical decision, but he’s confident that his project is going into the right direction and that is necessary to go forward for the survival of the division and…show more content…
In fact thanks to the hard work of Vyas’s team, Cynthia’s rigorous approach, and the detailed review by ICT engineers and manufacturing managers from other divisions, the project can be finally mature and valid. The vision on the market and customer groups is better defined, the customer function is changed consequently (so that RIMOS wants to improve irrigation), disinfection is lower, energy consumption is reduced, an adequate channel support could be ensured leveraging Peter’s good contacts in HVAC division, the efficiency is increased and costs diminished thanks to design changes and production specifications. Obviously the success is not guaranteed, but Cynthia has to accept in order to respect ART’s philosophy, in which all projects should meet investment if they are valid and can make progresses: and I think it’s the case. Without innovation, the filtration unit is doomed to fail, while approving Vyas’s project, some real chances of success still exists. Vyas is a very ambitious and tenacious manager who has never given up even if his credibility was damaged. Initially he had made some managerial choices to increase motivation and reduce turnover in the Filtration Unit and, thanks to his determination, he had been very good in composing his multicultural team, and also in mediating conflicts with the ITC technicians: Peter was able to recruit skilled human resources and encourage his colleagues and the VP to
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