Applied Skills for Human Services

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HN205 - Applied Skills for Human Services Kaplan University Final Project Unit 9 Case Study – Phil & John Ashley White The Human Service profession is a very demanding field but at the same time it can be exceptionally rewarding to the individuals working in this area. Successful human service professionals possess the following traits and/or characteristics; strong interpersonal and communication skills; the ability to relate to the consumer without allowing their own personal experiences to reduce the ability to be effective; being able to efficiently identify and provide services needed; the capability to set up proper boundaries. Regardless of which area the professional works in all human service professionals share some…show more content…
This field requires not only education and skills it also requires specific licensing depending on the region of practice. Most importantly I think the many jobs that fall in the broad area of the human services profession requires a professional who has a passion to help others overcome the many obstacles people are faced with on a daily basis. We do not all have the necessary support to live life to its fullest potential and it is our job to help other members of our communities to conquer these hindrances. References: Cameron, Helen. (2008) The Counselling Interview. Palgrave Macmillan. National Association of Social Workers. (2005). NASW Standards for Clinical Social Work in Social Work Practice. Retrieved October 3, 2011 from National Organization for Human Services. (2009). NOHS Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. Retrieved October 4, 2011 from Wood, J.T. (2010). Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage. Final Project Intake and Assessment Form What services is the client seeking? Seeking services for couples coaching after being released from prison. Initial all that apply: | BEHAVIOR ISSUES: | Explanation: | AW | | Verbally aggressive (yelling and screaming a
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