Applied Strategic Management a Strategic Analysis of Canon

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Applied Strategic Management A Strategic Analysis of Canon word count : Executive Summary Canon has around 77 years of history and it is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, for which it is what we would expect in such a high innovative company. Over the years, Canon has been introducing various types of products over the years and gradually became the leader in imaging markets. When people think of buying a camera, first brand pops out in their head is “CANON”. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Look at the Business of Canon 3. Environmental factors 1. PESTEL Analysis 2. Porter’s five forces Analysis 4. Major…show more content…
Up to second half year of 2009, Canon has reduced the use of new resources by 150,000 tons and CO2 emission by 370,000 tons. Likewise, CHK from 2008 has established Ink Cartridge Collection boxes placed in voluntary schools, shopping malls, computer centres and commercial buildings. All used cartridges collected will be delivered to factory for decomposition and recycling as materials of other products. This report is focusing on the strategies adopted by Canon and the strategies when Canon is facing competitions. This report shows that how Canon survives in the market and keeps its long lasting growth in market and profit. (about Canon,,, 2. Looking at the Business of Canon Take a look at Canon, its strategies over the years have been very effective in balancing growth of market share and profit in the imaging industry which made Canon a leader in the imaging industry group. Other than the imaging industry, Canon also took a piece of pie in business machines (printer, photocopier) markets and industry machines (semiconductor production equipment, medical equipments…etc) markets (see Picture 2.1). Canon has since late 1960s been focusing on strategic planning process, gradually expanded its business into business machines market and adopting a corporate level strategy of horizontal diversification based on its core competencies. Such continuous development and adoption of various strategies keeps

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