Apply Dsm-Iv to William Styron Essay

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Human Behavior in the Social Environment III Client: William Styron Axis I 296. 25 Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode, In Partial Remission Axis II 799.9 Deferred Axis III Deferred Axis IV Recent awarding ceremony Problems related to the social environment: Death of friends Problems with primary support group: Unsolved grief Axis V GAF= 50 GAF= 65 SOFAS = 45 SOFAS = 70 Defensive Functioning Scale A.…show more content…
Based on client’s current situation it is reasonable to give Styron “moderate” with current GAF score of 65. Styron stayed in hospital for nearly seven weeks and discharged with an improvement in his illness and his functions. All of his statements of “I began to get well, gradually but steadily” “the fantasies of self destruction disappeared” “suicidal notions dwindled then disappeared” “had first dream in many months” indicated that he was in the process of Partial recovery. Not only he started to feel “peace” in his mind but also he was able to attend hospital group activities. Styron has high adaptive level of defensive functions at current state. The understanding of the causes of depression has evolved over centuries. While Styron was detecting his “forgotten or buried events” that underlay his depression it will be important to look into his case through the biopsychosocial lens. From biopsychosocial model perspective the three major factors which all play a role in causing depression are biological, psychological and social factors. There are three aspects that contribute to Styron’s biological factor: genetic, alcohol use and medication. Based on Styron’s memory, his father, a shipyard engineer, suffered from clinical depression. When Styron was a young boy he have witnessed his father’s depression and hospitalization. Recent genetic research supports earlier studies reporting family links in depression

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