Apply Effective Communication Skills

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No. | Statement | Passive | Assertive | Aggressive | 1. | I often talk with my hand over my mouth | X | | | 2. | I can say No without feeling guilty | | x | | 3. | I stare at people I don’t like | | | X | 4. | I answer for others in a group | | X | | 5. | When I say ‘I’m angry’ I smile | | x | | 6. | I apologise for conditions (eg weather) outside my control | X | | | 7. | I keep control of my emotions | | X | | 8. | I do not forgive mistakes easily | | | X | 9. | I make mistakes sometimes | | x | | 10. | When questioned I often say, ‘nothing, just thinking’ | x | | | 11. | Conversation gets going when I join a group | | X | | 12. | Others say I am a good listener | | X | | Activity 2.1…show more content…
You are aware that there are a number of factors that influence the care that is being given in this ward…… 1. Suggest a time of the day that would probably be most suitable for this meeting. Explain why you have chosen this time. End of shift change- as to not put extra pressure on the other nurses on the ward in your absence, also after shift change the problems are still fresh in the mind and won’t be forgotten as easily and therefore more likely to be resolved. 2. What would you consider to be the goal of this team/group? -working out why staff are ill often. -how to work with, and utilise the student nurses more effectively. - The EN:RN ratios, - Community education- ideas on prevention of illness. 3. What attributes do you think you could bring to this group? I think I would bring some new ideas on how to approach different issues and a different perspective. After being on the ward for the last three years, the experience on how that ward has been working and the ways in which I think things could be done more effective. It is your first meeting. Mary is the CNC, Lucy is the CN, Jane the RN and yourself the EN. The meeting begins with complaints by all members that the reason why the nursing care is not up to standard is that there is too much work and too few people who know what they are doing. Jane then asks the group why you have been included, as you are not a registered nurse. Your immediate
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