Apply Henri Fayol’s Five Rules of Management to the Coca-Cola Case

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Apply Henri Fayol’s five rules of management to the Coca-Cola case According to Fayol’s five rules, the first rule is about foresight; the second rule is about organization; the third rule is about command; the fourth rule is about coordination and the fifth rule is about control (cited in Chris, 2005). Consider the first rule, it refers to either idea or plan for the future development in a company. In the case of Coca-Cola, they showed a clear and proper way for their foresight. Consider the following case, Coca-cola had decided to build a new bottling plant in Malaysia on 16 March and the plant is expected to open before the end of 2011. “With the new plant, one of the most modern of its kind in this part of the world,…show more content…
Also, the example of making new flavor of soft drink in Coca-Cola Company is another example to show that they make changes if necessary. In recent years, people have been aroused awareness towards healthy diets, especially people know that traditional Coke contains a higher proportion of sugar, which cannot meet the general needs in the market, so Coca-Cola Company decided to introduce “Coca-Cola Zero” in 2004 and it contains zero sugar and zero calories (Coca-Cola, 2011).By introducing “Coca-Cola Zero”, it showed the company realize the market need and create a new flavor to fulfill the change of preference in their customers. How does Coca-Cola score on the eight attributes of performance excellence? Coca-Cola Company can be scored eight out of ten in the eight attributes of performance excellence found by Tom Peters and Robert H.Waterman in 1982. The first attribute is “A bias for action, active decision making” (cited in Wikipedia,2011). Regarding to the information given in the case study, Coca-Cola Company set up six strategic priorities and all individuals, employees and partners worldwide should follow these priorities. Employees understand their goals, so proper and active decision can be made. The second attribute is “Close to customer” (cited in Wikipedia, 2011). Coca-Cola Company is always customer-oriented and willing to

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