Applying A Balance Sheet On The World Of Finances

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Excited to enroll in this class from the very beginning, I found it to be very informative. Not just it taught me the important terminology used in the world of finances, but also allowed to apply these concepts into my own financial life.
First of all, thanks to you, Professor Rutter, I have finally devoted time to make a balance sheet, a document stating my current assets and income, and liabilities at the certain period of time. Now I have been deliberately reviewing my credit card statements for the previous month, and calculating how much money I have spent on the food each month, or how much I have spent on shopping at, etc. And even though my consuming behavior was never driven by materialism completely, this class reminded me to be realistic about my general spendings, and to strictly separate the needs from the wants. Additionally, I have expanded my skill of setting financial goals and working towards them. For example, because of Christmas time that is approaching fast, which usually includes gifts and travels, I suggested and pursued that my family (me, my husband, and our child) stick to the weekly budget for food, including dining out. And it is been very helpful method to save some money.
Then, the topic regarding financial institutions, as well as services and fees related to these institutions, I found to be very empowering: this topic convinced me that doing a research prior making any commitment to any institution is extremely important. As we
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