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Attending college is just another step in life that will benefit you in the long run. Growing up in the U.S. we have been naturalized into following key steps, that are necessary to ones success. Leaving college to be one of the last barriers an individual must accomplish in order to become what society deems as successful. Using Ball State University as an example we will be discussing these three primary objectives, education, service, and research. In addition to identify who they serve as far as their fellow students and the general public. Lastly we will be discussing any adjustments to the publicness if the organization. A major primary objective Ball State University has is focused on encouraging education. They happen to offer…show more content…
Whether it 's the cost of your course materials, living expenses, or tuition it all ends up affecting your performance in school. College can become very pricy, and looking for ways to stay out of debt can be stressful. However Ball State happens to offer over 500 scholarships for incoming students, 329 on-campus employers, and every four out of five students receive merit-based financial aid. In fact a student at Ball State on average only borrows $27,000 in loans compared to $35,000 an average student in the U.S. may borrow. While ultimately the main goal of a college university is to recruit more students and increase their current knowledge. Many universities focus on other aspects such as research development. Ball State happens to encourage students and faculty to bring forth any research ideas they may have. Two programs called Sponsored Projects Administration and Ball State Innovation Corporation (BSIC), is meant for finding and funding new research opportunities, in attempt of educating others. The Rivers of Research is apart of an ongoing research program that is examining how we as human beings affect watery ecosystems. This program was developed by Mark Pyron who is a biology professor at Ball State. Mr.Pyron is focused on discovering the influences humans have on potential public drinking waterways within America, since a third of the U.S. consumes their water from river banks.

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