Applying Change Theory Of Electronic Medical Records

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Applying Change Theory to Electronic Medical Records Maryjo Marvin-Dixon Empire State College According to Hussain, Lei, Akram, Haider& Ali, 2016 “It is important for organizations to make changes and update old process in this competitive business environment”. Implementing change in a department of a company, hospital or doctor’s office can be difficult. Lewin’s Change Model is an effective way to help Managers and business owners update old processes and structures. (Hussain, Lei, Akram, Haider & Ali, 2016, P 1.) There are many reasons why change can be resisted. It is very important that the manager communicates with the staff effectively about the change and how it will affect everyone involved. Good ideas have been applied…show more content…
statues quo or equilibrium will change. ( Kaminski, 2011, Force Field Analysis). This theory helps managers identify if a change is needed or not Unfreezing Phase The first step is to cause awareness or an urgency. Hold a meeting and let employees/staff know that management is going to update equipment and switch to electronic medical records. You can use a couple different ways to create this urgency and dispel negativity. The first is benchmarking. According to Benson ,1995 “Benchmarking is a continuous process by which an organization can measure and compare its own processes with those of organizations that are leaders in an area.” You can use bench marking to explain how other doctor’s offices have started to use EMR and profits have doubled. Inform staff about the benefits of using Electronic Medical Records. For example, EMR’S will create space savings and will produce less waste, it will improve diagnosis and treatment, it will also help to reduce errors. And finally, it will help to increase productivity. Next open the floor to questions and ask employees/staff if they have any concerns. Management should dispel any restraining forces. Address any concerns staff may have and be sure the staff feels like their voices were heard. But don’t spend too much time on addressing concerns because this will be seen as weakness. It is important to keep the lines of communication open and honest, which creates a “sense of
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