Applying Christian Ethics For Everyday Life Essay

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Almost a decade ago, after I had spent a year of in a discipleship program, I adopted the mission statement: Make the next right decision, and promptly admit when I’m wrong. To me this statement encompasses everything I know about applying Christian ethics to everyday life. Motivated by love, I seek to act in holiness and justice in every choice I make, including admitting promptly when I choose wrong. To make the best decisions possible I apply a biblical perspective, and ethical evaluation toward sound reasoning in recognition of both the spiritual and natural world. In fact, holiness is at the core of focusing on my next decision, and admitting where I’m wrong. In this way I am not allowing the success or failure of a past decision to be the guiding force behind my future. By focusing on where God is guiding me in the here and now, I am setting myself apart from the natural flow of life, and better allowing myself to be open to God’s will today. Though admitting wrongs is the right thing to do, it is so vital to holiness it must be included in my mission statement. By finishing my mission statement in this way, I am acknowledging my need for God, and his grace in everything I do. At the side of holiness, the respect for what is just is echoed by my mission. I am not only seeking to make just decisions, but taking responsibility for my ability to choose. I realize whatever happens in life, I must choose my response. Owning my responsibility, and my right to choose is
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