Applying Clinical Decision Making in Adult Nursing Essay

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Applying Clinical Decision Making In Adult Nursing


This assignment will critically analyse and justify the decisions based around a fictitious patient using a clinical decision making framework highlighting its importance to nursing practice. The chosen model will demonstrate clinical decision making skills in the care planning process. The patient’s condition will be discussed in-depth explaining the pathophysiology, social, cultural and ethical issues where appropriate in the care planning and decision making process. Any vulnerability that the patient may experience will be discussed and dealt with in the care planning and decision making process. The supporting evidence based literature will be analysed and
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Huber (2006, p154) states that clinical decision making in nursing relates to the quality of care the patient receives and how competent the nurse is.

Over the past 30 years nursing has evolved from a task-oriented to a logical and systematic approach to care, using theories and models to guide practice. According to Jasper (2007, p117) theories of decision making in medicine tend to favour logical, precise analytical models which are held to be testable, unambiguous and repeatable, therefore satisfying scientific principles. These represent important ideas of certainty and rationality that are intended to provide a sense of security and reliability. When used correctly a nursing model should give direction to nurses working in a particular area, as it should help them understand more fully the logic behind their actions. It should also act as a guide in decision-making and so reduce conflict within the team of nurses as a whole. This in turn should lead to continuity and consistency of the nursing care received by patients according to Pearson et al (1999,p ).

Banning (2008, p ) states knowledge for decision making is obtained from many sources and has been described as both informative
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