Applying Different Analytical Approaches For Films ' Dog Soldiers '

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Applying different analytical approaches to films Dog soldiers Critical approaches: The sound used in dog soldiers was very dramatic and is non-diegetic. The editing was fast paced and added dramatic tension to the setting of the film; the setting was quite dark throughout the film and as it was set in an isolated house in a forest this also helped to add to the dramatic effect. In terms of cinematography, there was a large amount of point of view shots and certain points of the film were in black and white. Accelerated hot reverse shot shows energy of conversation and can see the characters emotion and reactions. Zoom – into window towards woman, slow motion – fire chasing the car and explosion. Camerawork - medium shots, close ups, handheld camera views, over the shoulder and pan of men around the table. The technical elements identified to help find out what the genre of the film would be, the fact that it includes a lot of violence, blood and intense scenes would lead most audiences to believe it was a thriller or horror type film. Another convention is that is evident in dog soldiers is fantasy; this is because it includes werewolves, who are not proven to be real, there are also some elements of comedy. Fire light gave a very gloomy/dangerous environment, around Ryan soldiers appeared tired/sweaty – showing how hard the fight is – moon – hints that there is more fighting to come. Lighting is used to create a sense of authenticity Feminist analysis: Gender is

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