Applying Dynamic Systems Theory Concepts And Ecological Perspectives

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to theoretically analyze a case that involves a six- year- old girl with behavior problems believed to result from past sexual abuse. Using a holistic biopsychosocial approach during analysis should provide useful information for applying theories to show causes and effects of her experiences and behavior. At the completion of analysis, I will have learned the importance of knowing the whole integrated systems, how to apply dynamic systems theory concepts and ecological perspectives when assessing a case, and how to identify strengths and limitations of theories. Biopsychosocial Assessment Biological This case is about Emma. Emma was a full-term baby, and because she was full-term, one could assume all her major organs were fully developed. Her brain was normal for a full-term baby, as well. One could speculate the reason she met all early developmental milestones was due to being full-term. Looking from a neurobiological perspective, we know very little about Emma’s brain; however, we do know her conduct is of concern to both her mother and pediatrician. At a crucial stage of brain development, Emma experienced sexual abuse. One could conclude that her brain was neurologically affected which has resulted in behavior problems due to the condition of her environment. Psychological It took a great deal of courage for Emma to tell her mother about the abuse, and her mother was courageous enough to report it immediately and seek
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