Applying Ethical Framework in Practice

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Applying Ethical Framework in Practice 1. Ethical implications of a breach of confidentiality Ethics is the concept of right and wrong and thus it is difficult to come to a universal standpoint as to what should be right and wrong. In the context of the medical field, professionals are constantly engaged in accessing very delicate and sensitive information about people and patients. Thus, such professionals are regularly facing the circumstances in regards to concepts such as confidentiality and privacy. Keeping such private and sensitive information confidential can be a challenge both legally and ethically (Boylan, 2013). When we mean a challenge ethically, we refer to the concept of whether such private information can be easily shared…show more content…
Or else, these people put themselves in risk of being legally liable. Privacy is required in the USA as applied through HIPAA regulations. Particularly, the Privacy rule, as well as numerous state regulations, is more demanding compared to HIPAA. Nevertheless, several exclusions towards the guidelines happen to be paved away throughout the years. Many states ask doctors to inform gunshot injuries to the law enforcement agency as well as impaired motorists to the Motor Authorities. Privacy can also be questioned in the event concerning STD or sexually transmitted diseases in an individual who does not open up about the disease to their spouse. It is also challenged in the case of abortion of an underage teen where the parents are not aware. Numerous states are legally bound to inform parents in regards to underage abortion. Respecting as well as safeguarding the patient’s health care, individual and private information is an honourable obligation. Sometimes it may be difficult and bring in occasions within the healthcare situation where particular problems are experienced resulting in the decision to discuss and share the private and personal information. The writer of this document believes that preserving privacy is of highest importance. Privacy or confidentiality can be described as preserving the personal privacy of those that the medical and healthcare professionals will be taking care of. 2. Ethical theories and principles
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