Applying Ethical Frameworks For Practice Essay

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Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice Ethics is an integral part of nursing practice and with an increasingly diverse population today, nurses need to have an understanding of ethical principles to resolve dilemmas in the workplace. Milton (2014) defined ethics as encompassing a methodical approach to decision-making and as a disciplined reflection on the moral choices individuals make. To arrive at an appropriate intervention, nurses and other health care providers must employ an efficient and organized process to identify an ethical dilemma to determine a viable solution (Grand Canyon University [GCU], 2011). This paper will identify an ethical dilemma in a case scenario and will discuss the use of an appropriate decision-making model and with all parties involved contributing to the resolution. Case Scenario A 6-year old child presents in the hospital after a bout of vomiting and convulsions while in school. Tests showed that the child has meningitis and physicians are requesting permission from the parents to treat the malady. Unfortunately, the child’s parents are divorced and do not agree in how to proceed with treatment. The child’s mother who has primary custody, but is not the biological parent, is refusing medical treatment citing religious reasons. The biological father, who resides in another state, is agreeing and insisting that treatment be provided. Meningitis is a condition involving inflammation of the meninges, which protects the brain and spinal cord
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