Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice essay

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Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice
Health professionals are privileged because they are able to help and change people’s lives by the care they offer, but this can only happen if the staff is fully informed and has all the details on the patient’s health history. This information usually can be obtained without difficulty but for sensitive issues a trust based relationship needs to be established in order for the patient to provide all their medical history. This is known as confidentiality to patients and is extremely important in be kept. Many patients struggle to give information because it may either cause shame to them or they may feel rejected by the health care staff. Such is the case for a couple of teen girls who put their
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The patient’s parents should also be involved because the teenagers are going to need treatment and the parents would have to eventually consent for treatment and pay for it. If the nurse would act in this manner she would be role playing the beliefs of the teleological theory called utilitarianism. In utilitarianism, the outcome of the situation is most important (Purtilo & Doherty, 2011, p.93). In the ER episode described, the nurse should feel that the outcome should matter the most and therefore the decision she makes will impact people in a positive manner and hence produce less harm to others. In this circumstance the nurse would not betray her patients by her decision in releasing her patient’s delicate information but help them get the adequate treatment and support they both need.
Ethics Committee An Ethics committee should be considered for the ethical dilemma described above. An ethics committee is usually composed with several people ranging from ethicists, lawyers, physicians, nurses, clergy members, and community members (Grand Canyon University [GCU], 2011). An ethics committee holds a prestige position because even though they do not take the place of a jury or judge, but their input is greatly considered for the final decision because they are a group of people who have lots of educational background, experience and unique thoughts (GCU, 2011). The ethics team is
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