Applying For Government Assistance Immediately

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Apply For Government Assistance Immediately Applying for government benefits when you don’t need it will definitely turn you into a failure. On the flip side, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using government benefits as a crutch to get on your feet. But when it’s your end all be all, there’s a serious problem. Some people become extremely content with being on government benefits to the point they become bored. Their minds start wondering, fixated on the 1st of the month and the 15th checks. Some extreme welfare recipients have come up with legal ways to receive their checks on the 27th of the month through direct deposit. Illegally, some use their checks to buy narcotics and flip the drug money. Some even claim other people 's kids…show more content…
Let’s get started: Become Addicted To Pornography - I discussed being addicted to pornography in the Introduction, especially internet pornography, because it’s detrimental to success. All of the valuable time that you spend on the computer watching porn and pleasuring yourself could be invested in listening to podcasts about overcoming sexual addiction to help get you off porn and build businesses. When someone 's addicted to something they 're not focused on responsibilities. Video Gaming - Video gaming becomes addictive when trying to complete a mission over and over with no success. This will equate to no success in reality as you spend umpteen amount of hours on gaming while being away from work and school. Some people even drop out of school or quit their jobs just to become a full-time gamer. This can have its benefits if you develop games for profit. Smoking Marijuana - Marijuana is legal in many states which means more people are using this powerful hallucinogen herb everyday. In its natural state, it probably cures cancer, but when abused and laced with chemicals can destroy the mind and body over time. A noticeable side effect of smoking marijuana is laziness. Some people may disagree with me on this, but I have personally experienced and saw laziness at its finest in marijuana smokers. However, marijuana may motivate a person, create creativity, and help certain people become productive
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