Applying For Government Assistance Immediately

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Apply For Government Assistance Immediately

Applying for government benefits when you don’t need it will definitely turn you into a failure. On the flip side, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using government benefits as a crutch to get on your feet. But when it’s your end all be all, there’s a serious problem. Some people become extremely content with being on government benefits to the point they become bored. Their minds start wondering, fixated on the 1st of the month and the 15th checks. Some extreme welfare recipients have come up with legal ways to receive their checks on the 27th of the month through direct deposit. Illegally, some use their checks to buy narcotics and flip the drug money. Some even claim other people 's kids on taxes at the end of the year to multiply their earnings. So if you’re inspired to become a failure like that and end up on American Greed, then the first step is to get on government benefits now by going to the office and acting crazy. Seriously, some people actually do this nonsense! And when the government finds out about their antics, the benefits dry up quicker than Death Valley affected by Global Warming! The Beauty of Time Mis-Management and Staying Severely Disorganized

Time is one of the most important things we have in life because it 's irreversible. Time is valuable for people doing time behind bars or on their deathbeds. One way of mis-managing time is staying severely disorganized as it takes a lot of time to search for…
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