Applying For Masters For International Business Program And Spending A Semester Interning Abroad

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1) At UF I am majoring in Business Administration and I plan on specializing in International Studies. Additionally, I plan on applying for the Masters in International Business Program and spending a semester interning abroad. I am interested in a career working for an international organization or company. At first I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted for my future, but I soon learned how I could incorporate my love for traveling and experiencing other cultures with my interest in business administration and marketing. My interest for a career in the business field was greatly influenced by my father, who is a businessman himself.

2) Five years from now I don’t know where I would see myself. I hope to have a job in either London or New
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In order to improve my public speaking and leadership skills I can get involved on campus by joining business clubs and organizations such as The Florida Business Leadership Society or participating in the Heavener Leadership Challenge. Additionally, in order to gain experience in the work field I intend to apply for an internship abroad in London, which will also develop other important traits such as independence, flexibility, and cooperation. 1) taught me several news skills for using Microsoft Word that I did not previous know myself. I feel that one skill that is extremely beneficial for me in any future job includes the proper use of tab tables. Before watching this video I had always used spaces or the table function multiple times in order to create evenly spaced columns to make tables. Once I watched this video I realized there is a much more efficient way of creating these tab tables which can be beneficial by saving a great deal of time and keeping the format of the document aligned. Mastering the use of tab tables can be useful in my future career because it can be used to draft contracts and legal paper work that must follow an expected format. Knowledge of this skill would make the drafting process much smoother. Additionally, knowing how to use this function would be more efficient and will also have a better presentation. For example, if I were to draft a table and needed to make a change much as the font size of type, the
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