Applying For The Advanced Standing Program

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1. I am applying for the advanced standing program. 2. I am pursuing an MSW at this time with the goal of becoming a licensed clinical social worker in order to provide advanced substance abuse and mental health counseling in western North Carolina. I have many work experiences that contributed to my choice of social work as a profession. I am currently a certified substance abuse counselor intern as well as a certified minister. I provide counseling for members of the congregation I serve. I have been involved with various types of social work for most of my life. I have been a minister for 17 years in which I experienced working with people from all age groups. Even before becoming a certified minister, I sought opportunities to…show more content…
I also gained experience working with and serving the LGBT population. I enjoyed learning about the various cultures of my clients, and strived to deliver excellent service to all participants. While working in W.I.C., I became aware of the need for substance abuse and mental health counseling in western North Carolina. Therefore, in April 2013, through grants offered to veterans, I returned to college to begin my education in social work with a concentration in substance abuse and mental health counseling. I had previously obtained an A.S. in Christian Education and found that the knowledge gained through those classes was foundational and relevant to the social work field. In June 2014, I registered with the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board for certification as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and began private supervision. I passed the state examination the following year. Through discussions with my colleagues and professional supervisor, as well as interactions with university professors, I developed a desire to provide advanced counseling through social work practice. I believe social work provides the best means to provide healing for the whole person in their environment. 3. My own values can be best exemplified through my desire to provide advanced social work for people with substance abuse (SA) and mental health (MH) needs in
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