Applying Globally Integrative Strategies: An Analysis of Born Global

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Companies employ various strategies to integrate into a global market. How does a company apply global integrative strategies? One such integrative strategy is known as being "born global." How is a company "born global"? A globally integrative strategy is when an entire company is fully integrated both on a vertical and horizontal level, versus one which attempts to extend its global outreach in a piecemeal fashion (Deresky 2011: Chapter 6 presentation slide 21). Rather than shifting 'non-core' activities along the lines of an outsourcing model, in a "globally integrated enterprise, new technology and business models will let companies treat their functions and operations as component pieces, that can be pulled apart and put back together in new combinations, based on judgments about which operations the company wants to excel at and which are best suited to its partners, regardless of locations" (Cooney 2006). The components that work well in the U.S., in other words are equally applicable internationally when the company expands abroad: the ideal company is flexible enough to be able to change with the global business environment, not simply the domestic environment. Globally-integrated firms also do not suffer the financial drain of trying to be 'all things to all people' on a country-by-country basis: their strategies are effective in a wide variety of environments even though they do adapt locally to specific market needs. "Global integration expectations are
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