Applying Information Security And Sdlc

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Applying Information Security and SDLC to Books A Million Operating a retail store with modern technology provides seemingly endless benefits for the retailer and enhanced capabilities and access for consumers. This concept is particularly true for retail stores that also operate online electronic commerce stores. However, technology grows and evolves so fast and effectively that what is currently considered "modern" will soon be considered "legacy". To keep up with technological developments and maintain a competitive level of speed, accuracy, and accessibility often favored of technological advances, organizations often have to implement a plan to make a change. The process of making a plan through monitoring its success and maintaining…show more content…
Books-A-Million Books-A-Million is the second largest bookstore in America (“BAM!”, 2012a). The operating area encompasses 261 stores in 33 states and the District of Columbia, as well as an online bookstore (“BAM!”, 2014a). Founded in 1917, Books-A-Million their e-commerce website,, in 1998 (“BAM!”, 2012b). Shortly after the launch of their website, Books-A-Million acquired NetCentral, which is an internet development and service organization (“BAM!”, 2012b). Through this acquisition, Books-A-Million is now equipped with an experienced team of developers that not only create and maintain internet solutions for their parent company, Books-A-Million, but also for external clientele (“BAM!”, 2012b). Technological development and maintenance are vital to the success of the company as $23.4 million in revenue was earned in the 52-week period ending on February 1, 2014 on the e-commerce site alone (“BAM!”, 2014b). Reliance on technology goes far beyond just the organization 's online bookstore. In their 2014 annual report, Books-A-Million states they "rely extensively on communication and computer systems to process transactions, summarize results and manage [their] business" (“BAM!”, 2014b, p. 12). As a result, Books-A-Million focuses on maintenance, protection, and interruption preparation in order to continue business functions, protect customer data, and prevent loss. Hardware and Software Components
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