Applying Leadership For Nursing Practice

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Applying Leadership to Nursing Practice In Godin’s, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, he explores foundational leadership characteristics, the role of followers, and the importance of overcoming criticism. These themes can function as guiding principles for both charge nurses and staff nurses who wish to become effective leaders. Additionally, these characteristics of a leader can be applied to my own practice and pursuit of becoming an excellent nurse and leader. By grasping and applying these ideas, I feel better equipped to be the nurse I want to become. I will be discussing what it takes to be a good leader, the importance of followers, and the reasons why one should not fear criticism. Leadership Godin defines a tribe as a leader, their followers, and a similar goal. Without a leader, there is no formation to a tribe. Throughout his short stories, he emphasizes the importance of leaders doing things for the “we”, not the “me”. The leaders in Tribes do not seek credit for themselves but for their entire team (Godin, 2008). The mutual goal of the team is not made solely for credit but to make a difference, a positive change. A team that can create a change in the status quo will thrive (Godin, 2008). In addition, the leaders in Tribes empower their team members with the use of passion and ideas, not authority and threat (Giles, 2016). Team members who feel empowered by their leader are more productive and proactive in their organization (Giles, 2016). In order to be a
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