Applying Learning Theory Of Life

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Applying Learning Theory to Life
Kristen Lewis
PSY331: Psychology of Learning
Nina Dulabaum
2 Feb 2015

Learning can be defined as a lasting change in behavior of an entity that is down to the experience gained by the entity. The basic purpose of this paper is to apply the learning principles to by presenting and teaching the information to others in the workforce, to help people learn in the best way. We have to choose the best methods and best principles of learning, to make the learning process most effective.
When training a diverse group of individuals you must take into account each person background and create the nest learning style for the group as a whole. There is not enough time to cater to each individual learning style or person but you can create a briefing which includes multiple styles and appeals to everyone. I believe the best approach given the intro on each person in the group would be the humanism approach. This approach is the study of the whole person concept and what makes us who we are as individuals.

Behaviorism is the belief that behavior is observable that can be objectively measured. This approach deals with the belief that behavior is a result of some sort of stimulus and the environment in which the person is in. This theory can be described as watching the actions and reactions of certain people in response to a specific stimulus, is the only way to learn their behavior. It is also thought…
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