Applying Malcolm Knowles Andragogy Model to Isd Essay

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Applying Malcolm Knowles Andragogy Model to ISD

Abstract The way that an instructional designer defines learning and what is believed about the way learning occurs plays an important role in situations where the facilitator wants to make a change in how people do a job or they need to learn something new on the job. This paper focuses on Malcolm Knowles adult learning assumptions and how to apply them in instructional strategies and techniques for facilitating learning. It also explores some of the critics concerning his assumptions. Knowles assumptions concerning adult learning are each addressed and an example provided on how to apply these assumptions to ISD using technology. The information presented here provides the
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Knowles laid the groundwork that trainers needed to take into consideration before revising, developing, or presenting any training program targeted at adults.

Knowles begins his assessments by asking several crucial questions about his learners and using a holistic approach in developing training in chapter 13 ASTD. He begins by addressing the climate and condition of the environment that he will be teaching in. His goal is to focus on collaboration between the facilitator, the trainee, and their peers. He wants a comfortable atmosphere with the proper tools and accommodations that will help his students learn in comfort. His methods are geared towards building a friendly, fun, and approachable learning atmosphere.

Diagnosing the audience needs can be done in many different ways, such as in Rothwell’s learning assessment. Knowles on the other hand includes his participants in diagnosing their own learning needs. Knowles proposes that learning is not a need unless the trainee perceives it to be and by allowing them to participate in the planning of their own learning, he helps them want to learn what they need to learn. Knowles suggests an emphasis on self-diagnostic procedures such as simulation exercises, assessments; competency based testing, and feedback. Once the learner has diagnosed

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