Applying Minimum Core - Essay

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“Coverage of the minimum core is intended to provide a teacher with the minimum level of skills in language, literacy, numeracy and ICT (LLN & I) that are essential to teachers who work in the lifelong learning sector.” City and Guilds (2008) Learners’ particular literacy, language, numeracy and ICT needs can be established through initial assessment, talking to learners, observing them completing activities or using simple self assessment tests. “Recognizing and using a variety of different teaching styles is particularly important to support literacy, language and number skills development. Learners working towards literacy, language, and numeracy goals will benefit from teaching which works to their strengths. The teaching styles…show more content…
I can also write fluently, accurately and legibly on a range of topics. I use spelling and punctuation accurately in order to make meaning clear. In assessment process, I am good in using required methods/strategies to conduct formal and informal assessment. I am good in planning and designing my assessment activities. I make effective use of ILT/ICT to support the assessment process. I also make effective use verbal and written feedback in the assessment process. I am focusing on managing the recording and reporting on assessment achievement and progress, and collecting and collating assessment results to support evaluation and equality processes. I am focusing on my improvement areas in the assessment process. I have planned to record and report on assessment achievement and progress by making use of ILP/ICT. I am also planning to organize and collect and collate assessment results and participate effectively in evaluation and quality processes. I will definitely need support my peers and line manager in achieving these target. I aim to achieve these targets by the start of next year. I will review my progress by
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