Applying Moral Decision-Making to New Media

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Locate an article related to e-business and intellectual property and write a review of it The article "Ethics on the Web: Applying Moral Decision-Making to the New Media," written by Linda Sama and Victoria Shoaf, provides a thorough overview of the legal issues concerning e-business, including the implications of the various ways in which business in the New Media is more ethically compromised than traditional business procedures. Although the article was nearly ten years ago and is largely concerned with e-business' ability to sustain itself (and whether it will be able to prolong its existence), the vast majority of the concerns elucidated in the article are still applicable in the present moment and constitute inherent risks stemming from the medium itself. Specifically, central concerns include the fact that companies are not in immediate proximity with their clients, that there is now more information at companies' disposal and that business practice is now ends-based rather than rules-based. The lack of physical proximity between companies and their clients is perhaps the greatest issue concerning the ethical integrity of business conducted on the internet. Shama and Shoaf place great emphasis on the legal issues stemming from this, stating that the Digital Age has ushered in a climate in which companies can hide behind a faรงade of anonymity while operating in their own best interests rather than those of the client. Companies have no obstacles preventing
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