Applying Normative Theories Of A Moral Situation

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Case 2.3 from “Applying Normative Theories to a Moral Situation” will be used for a brief analysis of two of the six moral theories recently studied. As a professional I am encountered with a few ethical dilemmas in case 2.3. For example, is the 4 year old child my only patient? If not, how does patient, client confidentiality factor in this case? As a professional physician should I lie to my patient first and foremost? Should I lie to the other members of the family, to my profession, and last but not least to myself? Must I start the quest for a kidney from a cadaver? Should I inform the child’s mother that the father is a perfect match, with the motive of shaming the father into donating his kidney to save his child’s life?
Answering these questions, from a non professional’s perspective may be an easy no or even yes. However, from a professional perspective, some moral theorists may have much to debate before deriving at a conclusion, if any. All six theories learnt can be explored in this case study along with all the ethical dilemmas mentioned; notwithstanding, I will try to answer the question “should I lie to my patient”? Using the reasoning’s of the utilitarian theory, which includes act- utilitarianism and rule- utilitarianism. In addition, the deontology theory will be explored. One other theory will be mentioned briefly as it may relate to case 2.3.
According to( Rowan and Zinaich Jr. 2013 pg 11 pp1) the utilitarian theory’s focal point is on the…
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